Dirty Works - 8 in 1 Miracle Serum

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Dirty Works - 8 in 1 Miracle Cream 

The secret to more youthful looking skin

Our Ingredients help to

  • Improve Skin Firmness

  • Brighten

  • Hydrate

  • Even Skin Tone

  • Fill Fine Lines

  • Diminish Wrinkles

  • Stimulate Collagen

  • Smooth Skin Texture

Blending an effective wrinkle smoothing ingredient with Vitamin E, known to help reduce signs of ageing, this miracle serum penetrates deep within the skin to provide numerous, impressive results. Not only does it improve the texture of your complexion, deeply hydrate and stimulate collagen production, but it also fills in fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing their overall appearance.


Gently massage a small amount onto cleansed face and neck. Allow to absorb completely before applying your day or night cream.

It Contains: 50ml.

Tested in people, not animals


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Dirty Works - Face Scrub

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