Rebajado! Kativa - Brazilian straightening Kativa + Post straightening kit x 2 units

Kativa - Brazilian straightening Kativa + Post straightening kit x 2 units

Brazilian straightening Kativa + Post straightening kit x 2 units - Kativa

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Kativa - Brazilian straightening Kativa + Post straightening kit x 2 units

Brazilian smoothing Kativa
Results hairdresser at home! Kativa Brazilian Straightening makes it easy to get professional results with a single application and can certify thee yourself at home.
Kativa, the brand leader in hair care with keratin and Argan oil (without sulfates or formalin), brings us his version of the Brazilian straightening so fashionable lately.

With Kativa spoiling smoothed hair are over! Kativa smoothes the hair without damaging it!

Kativa Brazilian smoothing is a semi-permanent smoothing treatment based on keratin and Argan oil, which gives you a spectacular smooth, while nourishes, repairs, moisturizes and gives shine.
Unlike the Japanese straightening, Brazilian straightening Kativa is also recommended for chemically treated hair such as highlights or dyes.

Kativa watch your hair

Brazilian straightening Kativa brings us lost nutrients and proteins, such as keratin. In addition, the kit contains Kativa Brazilian straightening Argan oil, rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids with antioxidant effects.
With the Brazilian straightening Kativa get a smooth, soft, and hydrated hair. Kativa ensures long-lasting results, minimum 3 months.

Brazilian straightening kit contains Kativa
Brazilian straightening treatment Kativa contains a pre 15ml shampoo, Brazilian straightening treatment 150ml, 30ml Kativa shampoo, conditioner Kativa 30ml, a brush and a pair of gloves.

Recommendation Kativa
Once you have finished applying your Kativa Brazilian straightening treatment leaves a couple of days before returning to wash your hair and fixing treatment is complete.

Well, you see it is very easy to apply the Kativa Brazilian straightening and enjoy Pelaz instantly. This complex treatment restores your hair quality, reduce the volume, brightness increases, the body and removes hair curled. The hair is smooth and easy, this hair treatment remodeler will get you a very bright silky mane.

We will answer some key questions that may arise when getting a Brazilian straightening.

First, how long?

The duration of Kativa Brazilian straightening is usually around three months. About ninety days, but keep in mind that each hair is different, and each root absorbs the treatment differently. For example, if you have frizzy hair will be of great help to delete the volume and frizz. You also have the volume reducing treatment queratin pro. There are women who takes them two months and a half and there are others that keep more than four months.

Second. For what type of hair is most recommended?

See this is very broad. Brazilian straightening Kativa and generally any type of Brazilian straightening or Keratin treatment is recommended for all hair types but especially has been created to rebels, curly or frizzy, which are often the most difficult to treat hairs. That is, if you have a hair "not curly" results will be even greater. You can use it regardless of the condition of your hair, if it has been dyed, permed or straightened. In fact, the treatment works best if you've already tried dyes or hair you have some kind of chemical.

Third. Telo often do you do?

If you want to keep hair smooth and perfect as if you had just what you do, it is normal that when you stop to notice that your hair is perfect, then you do it again. The average is 2 or 4 months but everything depends on the needs of your hair. And if instead you want to reverse the process, just not to certify thee and your hair will be to gradually before. You can always make smoothing back anytime.

Fourth. How slow the do the treatment?

The entire application time Kativa Brazilian straightening is approximately 3 hours. It depends on the length of your hair and volume. The more calm you spend better, but overall it is fast and safe treatment that gradually you're taking the point in the following applications.

Fifth. I have to stop washing my hair?

It is recommended that once the aguantes Brazilian straightening treatment done a few days before washing the hair, so the product penetrates well into the root and the hair fiber.

Sixth. I have to take any special care after the Brazilian straightening?

See, this is like everything. It would be interesting that you did not do high pigtails or ponytails these early days, it is best that the hair is loose. Evita also swim in the sea or the pool and the use of products such as foams, gels or lacquers three days.

We recommend using unsalted shampoos without sulphates. So you get prolonging treatment outcomes.

Seventh. I can dye my hair?

Of course you can color your hair, it is recommended to match the use of smoothing the date of its coloration. Perform the smoothing treatment and then the dye, since the smoothing can be rinsed one or two dye color tones. So I recommend dye afterwards.

Eighth. What is the difference between Brazilian and Japanese Straightening Smoothing?

Let's see, the main difference is that the Brazilian straightening is prepared to act on chemically treated hair, especially dyed, streaked or damaged by iron, and that the effect is more natural, since the hair regains its shape slowly as time goes by.

In contrast, the Japanese straightening is more directed to wear nothing hairs of chemistry, dyes or highlights, or any other permanent straightening. The effect is that of a Ironing and not so natural. In addition, it is a permanent straightening, so if you repent, you will have to cut.

If after reading it you still have questions about the Brazilian straightening is Kativa just have to tell us. And you know that maquilleo you can get the best price.


1. Wash hair with shampoo pre-treatment 1 to 2 times. Then dry with a towel. Once hair clean, totally dry in the dryer.

2. Divide hair into several parts, and apply the Mask 2 strand by strand with a brush. Make sure you are well distributed the product from root to tip.

3. Let the product act for 15 minutes. At the end of the exposure time, remove the excess if any with a comb.

4. Dry the hair with a brush and a blow to Brushing technique. Good drying and brushing ensures optimal results.

5. Iron taking fine hair strands and pass the plate 6-12 times at a temperature between 200 ° and 215 ° C (the time the iron is passed and the temperature depend on the thickness of hair. It is advisable to reduce the temperature of the iron if have damaged, discolored or highlighted) you end. Iron the hair until no residue of the mask 2. Before starting the step 6, wait 5 minutes for the hair to cool.

6. Wash your hair with shampoo 3 to completely remove the residue treatment. Remove excess moisture and apply Conditioner 4. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with water. Then, dry your hair with the dryer.

Kativa post smoothing kit

Kativa post straightening kit is especially recommended for after Brazilian straightening treatment. The smoothing Kativa post kit is also perfect for rehydrating the damaged hair or weakened.

Hair hydrated with Kativa

Kativa post smoothing kit works deep into the inner layers of the hair fiber and restores its natural properties of your hair. Kativa kit with post I smoothed the hair looks hydrated, shiny and silky texture. In addition, natural active ingredients Kativa combine perfectly to protect your hair healthier.

The post smoothing Kit consists Kativa Kativa Kativa shampoo and conditioner for your hair is clean and nurtured for a long time. Kativa keratin shampoo without formaldehyde and Arginine

Kativa post smoothing shampoo

Kativa keratin shampoo without formaldehyde and Arginine leave your hair protected and deeply hydrated. In addition, Kativa not take salt shampoo treatment outcome remains much longer either smoothing Kativa, debulking or just stained. 250ml

Kativa post smoothing conditioner

Kativa conditioner is extra creamy and smooth texture balm. Kativa conditioner is rich in natural antioxidants that moisturize and soften your hair deeply. Kativa eliminates frizz. A healthy and strong hair is possible with Kativa. 250ml

Kativa post-straightening kit is perfect for repair, nourish and protect all hair types is displayed punished rebellious or lifeless.


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Maria isabel
2019-04-03 10:50:11
Todo perfecto y dura 2 meses
2019-04-02 11:07:27
El producto muy bueno tanto en calidad como precio
2018-10-25 12:22:09
Fantástico. Algo pesado de hacer pero compensa los meses sin encrespamiento.
2018-09-24 19:31:29
good quality and easy to use
Kativa - Brazilian straightening Kativa + Post straightening kit x 2 units has a rating of 9.35 out of 10 based on 47 customer reviews.

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    Kativa Brazilian straightening with keratin and argan oil without formaldehyde. This treatment smoothes hair while nourishes, repairs, moisturizes and gives shine. With smoothing Brazilian Kativa achieve amazing smooth without going to the hairdresser.

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    Smoothing Post Kativa Kit comprises a smoothing post shampoo and conditioner. This is special for treatment Kativa hair with straightening treatment, volume reduction or just stained. Kativa post straightening kit is a protective and reparative based keratin and arginine intensive treatment. It contains no formalin. Learn the benefits of Kativa!

    $13.04 $16.19
    Reduced price!
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