Be natural - Brazilian Keratimask Straightening Kit - Without Formol

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Be natural - Keratimask Brazilian Straightening Kit - Without formaldehyde

The revolution in the smoothing world has arrived! This Keratinmask Brazilian straightening kit contains hyaluronic acid, the biomolecule that the body generates and helps to hydrate all the layers of the skin and hair, providing strength and vitality. Thanks to this molecule it manages to create a hydration barrier, eliminating the frizz of the hair.
Hair hyaluronic acid is formulated with glyoxalic acid, panthenol and hydrolyzed collagen of vegetable origin, which provides capillary substance. It significantly reduces frizz and also contains a protective anti-pollution effect. Another of the ingredients of the Brazilian keratinmask smoothing kit is keratin, a protein that adheres to hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, manageable and healthy.
It is recommended for all types of hair. Cruelty Free. Not tested with animals. Without parabens.
How to use:
1. Clean hair twice with Clarifying Shampoo, then rinse with plenty of water. Dry the hair with a towel to completely remove excess water and moisture after completely drying the hair with a hair dryer.

2. Separate the hair in two and with a brush put the Straightening Treatment spreading it completely through the hair, from root to ends.

3. For 15 minutes let the straightening act on the hair, then remove the excess product with the help of a comb and brush the hair (it is recommended with a brush with separate bristles) and a dryer until dry.

4. Iron all the hair strand by strand between 8 and 12 times and at a temperature between 200ºC and 230ºC depending on how smooth you want to get it but especially according to the conditions in which your hair is. Iron until the Straightening Treatment has been completely removed from your hair.

5. Finally, wash the hair with the Post Treatment Shampoo, until it is clean, if necessary rinse it twice.

Remove the excess water and apply the Conditioner, so that it acts perfectly it is advisable to leave it on the hair for a minimum of 5 minutes and then remove it with plenty of water.

Dry your hair perfectly with the help of a hairdryer and ....

Goodbye, frizz! Hello hairstyle always smooth!


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