Rebajado! Kativa - Post alisado kit x 2 unidades

Kativa - Post straightening kit x 2 units

Smoothing Post Kativa Kit comprises a smoothing post shampoo and conditioner. This is special for treatment Kativa hair with straightening treatment, volume reduction or just stained.

Kativa post straightening kit is a protective and reparative based keratin and arginine intensive treatment. It contains no formalin.

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Kativa post smoothing kit

Kativa post straightening kit is especially recommended for after Brazilian straightening treatment. The smoothing Kativa post kit is also perfect for rehydrating the damaged hair or weakened.

Hair hydrated with Kativa

Kativa post smoothing kit works deep into the inner layers of the hair fiber and restores its natural properties of your hair. Kativa kit with post I smoothed the hair looks hydrated, shiny and silky texture. In addition, natural active ingredients Kativa combine perfectly to protect your hair healthier.

The post smoothing Kit consists Kativa Kativa Kativa shampoo and conditioner for your hair is clean and nurtured for a long time. Kativa keratin shampoo without formaldehyde and Arginine

Kativa post smoothing shampoo

Kativa keratin shampoo without formaldehyde and Arginine leave your hair protected and deeply hydrated. In addition, Kativa not take salt shampoo treatment outcome remains much longer either smoothing Kativa, debulking or just stained. 250ml

Kativa post smoothing conditioner

Kativa conditioner is extra creamy and smooth texture balm. Kativa conditioner is rich in natural antioxidants that moisturize and soften your hair deeply. Kativa eliminates frizz. A healthy and strong hair is possible with Kativa. 250ml

Kativa post-straightening kit is perfect for repair, nourish and protect all hair types is displayed punished rebellious or lifeless.

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