Wella Professionals - Invigo Color Brilliance - Shampoo for fine / normal hair dyed 250ml

Invigo Color Brilliance - Shampoo for fine / normal hair dyed 250ml. Wella professionals.

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Wella Professionals - Invigo Color Brilliance - Shampoo for fine/normal hair dyed 250ml

The new range of products WELLA INVIGO COLOR BRILLIANCE for dyed hair, uses components and molecules with antioxidants and vitamins specially chosen to carry out the maximum control of the oxidation process that occurs in the hair after coloring and thus protect its intense and bright color.

Wella Invigo Color Brilliance shampoo is created for dyed hair that wants to maintain and highlight its color.

It will allow you to preserve the color of your hair providing shine and softness.

Its formula with lime caviar and a low pH, helps to close the cuticle after the dye, retains the color and increases the brightness.

Contains: 250 ml.  

How to apply: apply the shampoo with wet hair, massage carefully and rinse with plenty of water. Repeat if necessary and then rinse well. Use together with the rest of products in the same range to get better results.

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