St. Moriz - Mousse to Remove the Tan 200 ml - Advanced Pro Formula

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St. Moriz - Mousse to Remove the Tan 200 ml - Advanced Pro Formula

Mousse that removes the tan in just 5 minutes without the need to exfoliate. It also cares for and hydrates your skin.
Apply it to dry skin and then go to the shower to remove it with plenty of warm water and a sponge.

Indicated for : all skin types .

How to use : Apply the Mousse to remove the tan from the palm of the hand. Then spread it liberally on dry skin, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Let it sit for 5 minutes while the mousse does its work. Use a damp cloth to remove the tan from the shower with warm water. Once the skin is clean and exfoliated, it is ready to reapply the self-tanner if desired.

Tips :
1. Use at least 3 days after self-tanning for best results.
2. Use this product before reapplying the following self-tanner to reduce setbacks with the self-tanner immediately.
3. Use the first St. Moriz scrub before reusing the next self-tanner + the St Moriz Tan Enhancer Moisturizer. You will have a uniform finish and a perfect tan!

Contains : 200 ml p >

Not tested on animals.


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