Rebajado! Body Fantasies - Body Spray - Japanese Cherry Blossom

Body Fantasies - Body Spray - Japanese Cherry Blossom

Body Spray - Japanese Cherry Blossom. Body Fantasies. 

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Essence - Body Spray - Japanese Cherry Blossom - Japanese Cherry Blossom

Have you heard of fragrances Body Fantasies? They have revolutionized USA, being the TOP1 sales. You launched in 1996, they are made by the best perfumers in the world, made with the same high quality oils that selective fragrances. Its long duration of 6 to 8 hours and its unmistakable aromas, will it become your best ally for the day. His captivating packaging will allow you to take it everywhere.They do not test on animals. This fragrance will make you travel to the soft petals of Japanese cherry. You inspired by the romance and desire, you fall in love wherever he passes !

It Contains:  94 ml.


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