Starlaisa - Eyeshaw Sun Palette

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Starlaisa - Eyeshaw Sun Palette 

The Sun Shadow Palette is composed of 12 individual eye shadows and removable from its palette, in godet format 26 mm in diameter (1.8 grams).

The Sun palette is inspired by the sunsets, the colors of the sunsets, from the warmest to the coolest at dusk.

Sun Shadow Finish Finish: 3 Full matte shades and 9 satin / metalized shades.

Shades of the palette shadows:

GIENNA: Satin amber orange, has no glitter.

ANTARES: Champagne with golden subtones, slightly satin. Provides great luminosity. It has no glitter.

ALKAID: Skin color, lightly satin. Perfect for unifying, polishing and integrating dithering.

ATRI: Clear vanilla, matte finish.

ATHIR: Intense black, matte finish.

ISTHAR: Clear bronze with gold subtones, satin finish.

MAIA: Red tile, with brown subtones, matte finish.

CORA: Light bronze, with subtly beige, slightly satin finish.

HIDRA: eggplant with pink and burgundy subtones, satin finish.

KARTIKA: Pale lavender, with cold subtones, satin finish.

HERTHA: Warm gray with subtle beige, slightly satin finish.

TYRA: Pale color with pistachio-colored subtones, satin finish.

It Contains 12 shades of 1.8 g. each.

How to apply: 1. Use the applicator to extend one of the lighter shades on the entire eyelid. 2. Apply one of the midtones in the upper eyelid. 3. Use one of the darkest for the catchment area of ​​the eyelid and integrate with halftone colors.
Tip: Turn your makeup from day to night in one of a few seconds. Apply the darker tone on the line lower and upper lashes and blend.


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