Starlaisa - Eyeshadows Palette Matte 2

Starlaisa - Eyeshadows Palette Matte 2

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Starlaisa - Eyeshadows Palette Matte 2 has a rating of 8 out of 10 based on 4 customer reviews.

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Starlaisa - Eyeshadows Palette Matte 2

Matte shadows palette consists of 12 shades of individual and removable eyes of his palette, godet format 26 mm in diameter (1.8 grams).

Finish Matte shadows palette: consists of 12 warm colors and earth undertones perfect for any season.

Shades of shadows palette:

M1: light salmon.

M2: Brown coffee means.

M3: Light brown with orange undertone.

M5: Light brown with gray and pink undertones.

M6: Dark brown with gray undertones.

M7: red rust.

M8: Brown earth.

M10: Brown earth with orange undertones.

M11: Brown dark brown with gray undertones.

M12: Orange clay.

M13: Deep Dark gray.

N2: Carbon Black.

It Contains 12 shades of 1.8 g. each.

How to apply: 1. Use the applicator to extend one of the lighter shades on the entire eyelid. 2. Apply one of the midtones in the upper eyelid. 3. Use one of the darkest for the catchment area of ​​the eyelid and integrate with halftone colors.
Tip: Turn your makeup from day to night in one of a few seconds. Apply the darker tone on the line lower and upper lashes and blend.