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Blush Professional - 180 Shadow Palette

180 Shadow Palette. Blush Professional.

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Blush Professional - 180 Shadow Palette

Eyeshadow palette of 180 colors in various shades in matte and shine. The perfect palette to create natural looks for day or smoky and dark for evening looks. Everything you need in a colorful very versatile and easy to adapt to any makeup.

It includes mirror shades and 2 applicators double-sided. 1.9 cm diameter shadows.

- A palette of 60 colors matt natural colors

- A palette of 60 colors with glitter in a wide range of colors

- A palette of 60 colors with a variety of matte colors.

Dimensions: 23cm. x 15cm. x 2.5cm.


How to apply:

- Apply the lighter colors across the eyelid as a base to light.

- Use halftone shadows the same way or only along the fold to highlight.

- Apply the darker shades to define and draw the eye giving depth or smoky look.

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