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Vanity Tools -Brush Cases Covers

Brush Cases Covers. Vanity Tools.

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8.5/10 (4 customer reviews)

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Vanity Tools -Brush Cases Covers has a rating of 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 customer reviews.

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Vanity Tools -Brush Cases Covers

The Brush Covers are an economical and indispensable to protect your brochasy to stay as new as the first day tool. Now you can wash your brushes, or put them directly to your vanity, not afraid to encontrártelas despeluchadas and open. Brush with Covers will remain with the perfect and original way. Can also dry your brushes down, the ideal method to prevent water from entering the splint with the danger that the hairs off the ground, thus ensuring a long life for your precious beauty accessories.



It maintains the perfect shape of your brushes
The can dry them upside down
It protects when you carry in your vanity
Gives better grip the handle


1. Wash your brush
2. Drain the water
3. Dale shape with fingers
4. Put the Brush Cover the wizard and upload to your hair
5. Let dry flat or upside down into a glass

Contents: 15 blister Brush Covers three different sizes.