Essie - Nail Polish - Mod Square 589

Nail Polish - Mod Square 589. Essie

Essie - Esmalte de Uñas - Status Symbol 681
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Essie - Nail Polish - Mod Square 589

It’s hip to be retro. high-fidelity electric pink lacquer hits the fashion high notes with style. this eye-popping nail color creates a punchy mani/pedi that’s totally far out.

It Contains: 13.5 ml.

How to apply:

- Shake the bottle for 30 seconds.

- Places the brush in the middle of your nail and take it to the end of the nail. Then down to the beginning of it and gets back to cover.

- Apply 1 coat or 2 coats depending on the finish desired.

- Wait a few minutes

For a more professional finish, it is advisable to use a base layer, and a layer of Top Coat.


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