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Skin 79 - Pearl - Fresh Garden Mask

Pearl - Fresh Garden Mask. Skin 79.

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Skin 79 - Pearl - Fresh Garden Mask

Hydration:anatomical cotton mask with natural ingredients that gently care for the skin to leave the soft, supple and silky skin. Your bank Perla brings light to achieve a clear and radiant.

Suitable for skin:

-For dark and dull skin

-For rough skin and many dead cells

- For skin with lack of hydration

-For dry skin and dull

Pearl 10.000ppmm

Pearl compound becomes a dull skin clear and radiant. Pure Cotton Mask makes skin soft and smooth.

Witch Hazel Extract + Green Tea Extract + Bark Extract + Monus Alba Leaf Extract Aloe Vera

Pure Cotton candle

soft and tacky candle Pure Cotton

Smooth and radiant Hydration tack

moisturizing skin care filling moisture without pegajos sensanción

Components abundant Glacial Mineral Water Alaska stimulate metabolism of skin and makes the skin is hydrated and lively.

Pure Cotton Mask makes skin soft and smooth.


How to use:

- After cleansing and toning

- Fold the mask you will find in two halves, remove the white plastic and then guide you to your face with transparent

- Place the mask on the face by matching the holes with the eyes and mouth, respectively, and then remove the other plastic

- Leave on for 20-40 minutes. Then remove and discard. Massage the remaining essence until fully absorbed