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Skin 79 - Snail Gel Mask Gold Mask - Original View larger

Skin 79 - Snail Gel Mask Gold Mask - Original

Snail Gel Mask Gold Mask - Original. Skin 79.

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Skin 79 - Snail Gel Mask Gold Mask - Original

Injury Prevention + noticeable improvement of wrinkles + hydration

Hydration: anatónica hydrogel mask based mucin to soften and moisturize the skin deep

- For skins sloughed
- For dehydrated skin
- For skins elasticity
- For dry skin and / or wrinkles
- For skin stressed

Mucin Strengthening Hydration

Snail extract, Gold and Mucina of Raiz japonica Diocorea allows a deep and abundant moisture.

Format Super-Accession

The foil hydro-gel adheres to skin compactly

Plenty of Essence

Lasting sense of abundant moisture essence

Nutritional quality ingredients

Nutritional quality ingredients like Ginseng and Red Nest tern, known benefits by the Chinese Emperors.



Thin, Compact, Super Hydro Gel ahesión!

Fine Hydro Gel adheres to the skin compact, gently covering the facial oval.

Essence abundanete that kept moist!

It covers the skin with essence

Moisture absorption tack!

Hydration, sticky feeling


Among the noble Caracol snail mucin and gold: the difference between normal snail (noble staircase) and snail gold is that the mucin (potreina) Snail with Gold provides more nutritious and abundant moisture improvement in wrinkles.
Extract Mucina root Dioscorea Japonica reinforces hydration and regenerative capacity: The key Mucina extract from the root of Dioscorea Japonica is to protect the skin from external aggressions and improves wrinkles for its anti-oxidant effects.

Selected premium ingredients for nutrition

Swallow's Nest de Mar, known for its benefits by the Chinese Emperor and the Red Ginseng, known as the beauty secret of Hwang Jin Yi.


How to use:

- After cleansing and toning

- Fold the mask you will find in two halves, remove the white plastic and then guide you to your face with transparent

- Place the mask on the face by matching the holes with the eyes and mouth, respectively, and then remove the other plastic

- Leave on for 20-40 minutes. Then remove and discard. Massage the remaining essence until fully absorbed


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