W7 - Hide and skeek - Anti Dull

Hide and skeek - Anti Dull. W7

W7 - Hide and skeek - Natural
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W7 - Hide and skeek - Anti Dull

It is a light concealer hiding imperfections, blemishes and dark circles, has an illuminating effect and provides a very natural effect.

Apart from makeup artists Maquilleo you want a tip: when choosing corrective Hide and Skeek that you setup, you as well can you escape overloading the lid.

For those who may have a tendency to swollen bags , if you use a very light concealer you will be giving volume , in this case what matters is a darker shade of concealer to disguise that as possible.

How to Apply: apply to the desired area and blend gently with your fingertips to help natural heat to distribute the product and correct the imperfections and defects of the skin.

It Contains: 5 g.

W7 140484AntiDull

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