UBU - Smoke Screens Smokey Eye Brush Kit

Smoke Screens  Smokey Eye Brush Kit - Smoke Screens - UBU

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UBU - Smoke Screens  Smokey Eye Brush Kit

Smoke Screens

Smokey Eye Brush Kit

Set the world on fire and create eyes that are smokin’ hot with this cool pro brush kit. Kit contains Eye Defining Brush, Smudger Brush, Tapered Blending Brush.

How to use: 6 steps to get a look superatractiva:
1. With the mixer brush, apply a light color on the eyelid.
2. Use the eyeliner brush with black or dark gray shade. Pass by the eyelid along the lash line.
3. Use a lighter gray and pass just above the darker color toward the crease.
4. Use the fader brush to blend the two colors.
5. With the mixer brush blurs an illuminating color on the brow bone.
6. To finish, apply shadow to the lower lid and mix with the fader brush.

Keep your brushes clean and silky regularly washing with a mild soap or with your favorite shampoo. Rinse and let air dry.

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