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Essence - nail art stampy set - 01 Be Creative

nail art stampy set - 01 Be Creative. Essence.

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Essence - nail art stampy set - 01 Be Creative 

Create unique and extravagant nail styles with the nail art stampy sets. the sets contain a stencil with nine different images, a scraper and a stamp. simply select an image and stamp on your nail with nail polish. conjures-up fascinating accents. 

It contains: a plate with nine different designs, a scraper and a stamp.



Decorate your own nails with amazing designs in just a few minutes!
1 remove the clear foil from the stampy design plate before use
2 choose an image plate design and apply sufficient nail art stampy polish over it
3 quickly pull the scraper over the design in a slanted position to remove excess polish. the nail polish should now only be inside the design on the image plate
4 roll the stamp gently in a "right-left movement" over the design. make sure the design does not smudge
5 finally, softly roll the design with another "right-left movement" over the nail–done! if desired, seal with top coat.

important: clean the image plate, scraper and stamp after each use with nail polish remover–they must be dry and oil free before each application.