W7 - Catlwalk Face Shaper

Catlwalk Face Shaper. W7

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W7 - Catlwalk Face Shaper

Create the illusion of super defined cheekbones with this easy the use W7 Catwalk Face Shaper Kit. Follow the 4 easy steps below and give your face that extra lift you've always wanted and have definition like a catwalk model.
How  to use your catwalk face shaper kit:
1.Start by applying your usual foundation or primer to even out your skin tone.
2.Using the face shaper brush, apply the highlighter to the forehead, chin, under the eyes and sweep down on the nose.
Shade & Blend
3. Using the face shaper brush, apply the shade to contour under the cheekbones, jawline, forehead temples and sweep thinly down the sides os the nose. Gently brush in circular motions using a face powder brush until highlighter and shade are blended. This will create a sculptured and defined look.
4.For best results, finish by applying your usual loose face powder and then apply your make up.
It Contains: 9 g