Wet n Wild - Wild Shine Nail Color - E451D Protective Base Coat

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Wet n Wild - Wild Shine Nail Color - E451D Protective Base Coat

Our claim to fame! We launched wet n wild in 1979 with this epic nail polish and it is our top-sellers. Why? Here’s what we think: not only are they just straight up awesome, but we’ve got every color, texture, and effect that you can possibly think of: creams, metallics, glitters, you name it! After decades of these flying off the shelves, we’re pretty sure you already have a couple stashed away, but with so many colors, you can always add a new one – or double up! Everyone we talk to agrees—this is simply the best nail polish brand out there

Contents: 12.3 ml.

How to Apply : Apply before the glaze color you choose

- Shake the bottle for 30 seconds.

- Places the brush in the middle of your nail and take it to the end of the nail. Then down to the beginning of it and gets back to cover .

- Apply 1 coat or 2 coats according to the desired finish .

- Wait a minute - Apply the chosen color nail


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