Uniq One Revlon - ​​Pack Saving Treatment 150ml + Shampoo 300ml

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Uniq One Revlon - ​​Pack Saving Treatment 150ml + Shampoo 300ml

UniqONE Hair treatment

UniqONE all in one is the only treatment that provides 10 real benefits for hair, enhancing their beauty and strengthening at the same time. Looks a hair care, healthy and radiant

10 real Benefits:

1 - Repairs hair and protects against dryness.

2 - Anti frizz

3 - thermal Protection

4 - will Bring softness and a silky hair

5 - Protects the shade of your hair, with UV filters and UVB-6

6 - Facilitates blow drying and the use of the iron

7 - effect detangling

8 - Adds body and volume

9 - to Prevent and take care of the split ends

10 - Holds the hairstyle for longer time

Contains: 150 ml.

Uniq One ​​Shampoo:

The Uniq One ​​hair & scalp shampoo will cleanse and hydrate your hair, providing you with ten real benefits and obtaining a shiny hair with volume and silky. Its foam is creamy and silky texture with the wonderful uniq one fragrance. Its formulation is free of sulfates SLS.

The Uniq One ​​gets ten essential effects for your hair:

1- Take care of your hair and scalp

2- Protects and moisturizes

3- Softness and immediate silkiness

4- Avoid caking

5- Brings shine

6- It will leave your hair very easy to comb

7- Strengthen

8- It will significantly reduce hair breakage

9- Avoid split ends

10- Antiencressing

Contains: 300 ml.


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