Uniq One Travel Kit Revlon

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Uniq One Travel Kit Revlon

The perfect combination for superior hair

Care for your hair with uniqONE Shampoo & Balm and uniqONE Hair Treatment wherever you are

At the gym, on your trips, during weekend getaway...looks are always a hair sublime thanks to uniqONE, now in mini version.

This kit contains:

UniqONE Shampoo & Balm: The only balm that cleans and conditions hair. Its texture and fight foam capacity makes it totally different from others conventional shampoo since it does not contain sulfates or aggressive agents.

10 real Benefits:

1 - Clean deep and gently.

2 - Excellent conditioner.

3 - color Protection.

4 - Softness and silkiness.

5 - Brightness.

6 - Gives volume.

7 - Strengthens the hair

8 - thermal Protection.

9 - Repairing the damaged hair.

10 - Without Sulfates

Contains: 100ml

UniqONE Hair treatment

UniqONE all in one is the only treatment that provides 10 real benefits for hair, enhancing their beauty and strengthening at the same time. Looks a hair care, healthy and radiant

10 real Benefits:

1 - Repairs hair and protects against dryness.

2 - Anti frizz

3 - thermal Protection

4 - will Bring softness and a silky hair

5 - Protects the shade of your hair, with UV filters and UVB-6

6 - Facilitates blow drying and the use of the iron

7 - effect detangling

8 - Adds body and volume

9 - to Prevent and take care of the split ends

10 - Holds the hairstyle for longer time

Contains: 40 ml.

Bag transparent travel. Ideal for airports, where they force you to have all your products in a plastic container or bag.


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