Revlon - Uniq One ​​in one hair treatment 150ml

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Revlon - Uniq One ​​in one hair treatment 150ml

This mask without rinsing contains ten essential effects for your hair:


1- It repairs the hair and protects it against the dryness.


2- Anti curled


3- Thermal protection


4- will bring you softness and a silky hair


5- Protect the tone of your hair, with UV filters and UVB 6


6- It facilitates the brushing and the use of the iron


7- With disentangling effect


8- Provides body and volume


9- Prevent and care for open ends


10- Keeps styling longer



It Contains: 150 ml.

How to apply: apply to damp hair about 20 cm from the hair. Short hair (6-8 sprays), medium hair (7-14 sprays), long hair (10-15 sprays), untwist with the comb and follow your usual procedure.


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