Artero - Black Iron Artero Addiction

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Artero - Black Iron Artero Addiction

Iron Professional Artero adjustable temperature designed for all hair types, styles and lengths. Advanced plates that allow better hydration of the hair, thus facilitating a perfect finish in waves, curls and smooth. It can be used wet or dry hair. Their plates tilting silicone gel and carbon fiber make it slide easily providing extra shine to the hair. Iron Artero Addiction Black obtained the Diploma as different product and innovator in the IV Convocation of the Gallery of Innovation Hall Look Madrid 2015

 Features: adjustable temperature of 150 ° to 230 ° C. recommended temperatures: 150 ° C dry and brittle hair. 180 fine hair. 200 thick and resistant hair. 230C treatments keratin. plates silicone gel and carbon fiber. security System: automatic shutdown after 60 minutes without use. 360 ° swivel cord prevents the formation of knots.


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