Kativa - Karité Conditioner Zero Frizz 250 ml.

Karité Conditioner Zero Frizz 250 ml. Kativa.

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Karité Conditioner Zero Frizz 250: attractive hair without frizz.

Many people are suffering the frizz, For this reason Kativa creates a formula based on Karite to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized
We have the perfect partner for the beauty of hair with frizz problems, both for straight or curly hair, shea butter It has many reparative and regenerative properties for the hair. Their continued use gives softens relaxes and hydrates the hair fiber, so we can get a frizz free hair with smooth appearance, hydrated and healthy.

Ingredients: What means shea? Shea butter is a natural moisturizer made from nuts that grow on trees in Africa or shea butter.
Shea butter is obtained from the pressing of nuts, it is known for its moisturizing properties and has been used to protect and rejuvenate their hair and skin. Contains antioxidants (vitamin E)

its rich in vitamins A, D and E making it a very effective product in the hair regrowth.
vitamin F, which has nutritional properties, improved elasticity of hair
It will also help protect the hair from UV radiation. To regenerate the hair structure and restore sun damaged, we will provide greater brightness and smoothness

Salt & sulfate free, with sea butter and hydrolyzed keraton, nourishes, softnes an moisturizes hair, recomended for hair with frizz

Contents: 250 ml.

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