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Artero - Travel Kit Iron, Dryer and Brush

Travel Kit Iron, dryer and brush. Artero.

Pack includes:
Go-Go wireless Iron Night.
One dryer Mojito Violet.
Artero professional racket brush.
Artero Myst. Spary thermal portector hair.

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Artero - Travel Kit Iron, Dryer and Brush

Pack includes:
- Iron Night Go-Go wireless.
- One Mojito Violet Dryer.
- Brush Artero professional racket.
- Artero Myst. Spary thermal portector hair.

GO-GO Iron Night - wireless

Iron without cable wireless rechargeable Li-lon. Total freedom to use it anywhere and anytime.

Technology "Advanced Ceramic & Tourmaline Ionic Nano". These plates generate negative ions and reduce static electricity providing shine and softness to the hair.

- Battery: Charging time 2 hours.

                 Approximate time use of 20-25 m.

- LED temperature: 140-160 - 180

- LED battery level: from 25% to 100%

- 3 temperature: 140 ° C for delicate hair.

                                                Means 160 for hair.

                                                180 for resistant hair.

Gift includes: Heat Bag.

One dryer Mojito Violet

Mini folding travel hair dryer.

1000W power.

Color: One Violet.

Dual voltage 125 / 220V.

2 speeds.

Temperature 1.

2 m cable.

Ultra compact with one nozzle. Dryer
It includes bag.

Professional Artero brush racket

Brush facilitates quick detangling wet hair.

Anti static.

Provides more shine.

Very light and very soft to the touch ergonomic handle.

It has a rubber pad with air system for a "brushing" more relaxing.

Thermal protector for hair spray

Thermal Protect Hair MYST.

Thermal Spray specially formulated to maintain hydration, strengthening and nourishing the hair from the inside with an extra dose of protection.

Its application helps the smoothing leaving an extra smooth and soft finish.