Gellack - Remover Oil Para Esmalte Permanente - Método 1

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Gellack - Remove Oil Enamel Permanent - Method 1

Improved formula more effective and fast . The oil that allows you to carefully remove the nail Gellack. Formulated based on vegetable oils that react to contact with hot water and the enamel. This reaction allows the enamel to peel off the nail so non-aggressive.
For this method to work correctly, the nails should have grown up enough to have a free space between the cuticle and the nail enamel. Protects the surface on which you are going to remove the glaze with a towel and make sure that the work area is well ventilated. Not included in the basic kit Gellack.

Contains: 35 ml.

Cruelty Free - Not tested on animals.


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