Holika Holika - Skin Rescue Mask Sheet - Peptide

Skin shet mask with anti aging effect.

Skin Rescue Mask Sheet - Peptide // Mascarilla Facial - Peptide

 Skin Rescue Mask Sheet - Peptide

This facial mask has a high anti-aging effect. Restores the elasticity of the skin and blurs wrinkles. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals of its composition, the skin is nourished and restores the natural shine.

The composition highlights elements such as olive extract that hydrates and returns elasticity; the salvia relieves, which diminishes the redness and the bergamot that refreshes and illuminates the skin.

How to use:

Previously clean the face with plenty of warm water. Remove the mask from the container and adjust it to the contours of the face without leaving burvurjas of air. Let it act for 20 minutes. When removing it, massage gently until all the excess product has been absorbed. Do not allow the mask to dry completely.

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