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Montagne Jeunesse - Hot Chocolate Self Heating Face Masque

Hot Chocolate Self Heating Face Masque. Montagne Jeunesse.

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Montagne Jeunesse - Hot Chocolate Self Heating Face Masque has a rating of 9 out of 10 based on 2 customer reviews.

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Montagne Jeunesse - Hot Chocolate Self Heating Face Masque

Take a deep breath of our self – warming Chocolate Orange masque and you'll be in chocolate heaven! Mediterranean Clay cleanses dirt and oils from deep within pores. Rich dark chocolate and orange oil leave skin feeling soft and refreshed.

It Contains: 15 g.


How to apply: Thoroughly cleanse face with warm water only, leave wet. Apply masque evenly to face and neck, avoiding eyes and lips, leave on for 10-15 minutes to experience the immediate warming effect and let the gorgeous smell take you to chocolate heaven. Rinse with water. Pat dry. Use twice weekly. 

Natural ingredients: May vary in colour. Sensitivity: Natural ingredients can cause sensitivity too! Apply a small amount of masque to inside of upper arm, leave as above. If a reaction occurs (very rare) do not use. Remember, not for use with babies or children, if contact with eyes occurs wash out with clean cold water. Warning: like all toiletries keep out of reach of children and only use externally.