Ziaja - JEJU Black Facial Mask

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Ziaja - JEJU Black Facial Mask

Black cleansing facial mask. Its main objective is to clean the pores, remove impurities and regulate excess skin sebum. It also softens, moisturizes and refreshes without causing irritation.

Its main ingredients are: Coal, Japanese Camellia Oil, Cistus Extract, Brahmi and Betaine.

How to use: Apply evenly on the clean face, avoiding the contour of eyes and lips. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes until it dries. Remove it gently with cold or warm water. Use once or twice a week, preferably in the night routine.

Indicated for: mixed / oily / acne skin. Especially suitable for young skin from 12 years.

Contains: 50 ml.

Not tested on animals


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