Dermacol - White kohl pencil

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Dermacol - White kohl pencil

A universal aid to make your eyes appear optically bigger and brighter. The pencil is suitable for the inner eye rim, the “water line” technique. The creamy matte color was specially developed to provide the most natural eye brightening effect. Its soft and high-coverage texture guarantees a gentle application needing just one stroke. A long-lasting waterproof texture for maximum comfort. The White Kohl Pencil does not contain any mineral oils or preservatives and is ophthalmologically tested.

Cruelty Free.

Contains: 1.4g.


WATER LINE – draw the bottom inner rim to make your eyes appear optically bigger and brighter; ideal for smaller or tired eyes 

A BRIGHT LOOK – draw just one thin line along the inner corner and gently smudge it 

EYESHADOW BASE – make several strokes over the upper lid and using your finger or a brush, smudge all over the eye lied; then apply an eye shadow. The eyeshadow will become more intense and brighter. 

UNDER THE EYEBROWS – apply the pencil anywhere that your eyebrows are the thinnest and smudge it. It will optically raise your eyelids and your eyebrows will appear groomed. 


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