The Ordinary - Crema Facial - Vitamina C en Suspension al 30% en Silicona - 30 ml

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The Ordinary - Facial Cream - Vitamin C in a Suspension at 30% in Silicone

Vitamin C is a effective antioxidant, and its pure form of L-ascorbic acid has been shown to improve multiple signs of aging. This formula without water with 30% L-ascorbic acid pure, is kept fully stable without oxidization due to the absence of water. In its place use silicone very light to provide a feeling of soft skin. Its high potency may cause a tingling sensation during the initial periods of its use, but can be diluted in each application with sérums or creams to reduce this tingling sensation while the skin acquires the tolerance.

This treatment is ideal to apply before bedtime.

Indicated for: all type of skins.

Contains: 30 ml.

Mode of use:

Apply a small amount in the morning or at night preferably. If you feel a tingling sensation can be expected during the initial periods of use. If this feeling is too strong, this formula can diluiirla in each application in your favorite serum or cream.

Cruelty Free - Not tested on animals - Organic Ingredients.

The Ordinary

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