Bio-Oil - Treatment for Scars Striae and Skin Stains 125ml

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Bio-Oil - Immediate Firming Complex 60ml.

This oil to heal scars, stretch marks and skin blemishes is formulated with a combination of vegetable extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It also contains the new and innovative component PurCellin Oil, which manages to modify the consistency of the formulation, converting the oil into a light and non-greasy oil, ensuring that the skin absorbs all the benefits of vitamins and plant extracts. Scars are an integral part of the healing process and are produced by an overproduction of collagen in the wound. With the passage of time the scars experience numerous changes thanks to Bio-Oil you will get to improve the appearance of the scars. Stretch marks occur when the body grows faster than the skin that covers it, with the oil bio oil you will improve the stretch mark. Pregnant women have a high risk of striae, therefore it is recommended to apply it from the second trimester. It also significantly improves the appearance of skin spots and wrinkles.

How to use: apply in the affected area, twice a day, for a minimum of 3 months. As long as the wound is completely healed.

The results vary from one person to another. Bio-Oil has undergone safety evaluations in accordance with the European Parliament and Council regulation on cosmetic products being safe for use even in pregnant women. In 2010, a study on scars was conducted in which 36 women of different ethnicities aged 18 to 65 years participated. The scars were approximately 3 years old in the abdomen, leg, arm, neck, knee, torso and upper body. The result is remarkable in the improvement of the appearance of the scars, a statistically significant result in only 15 days was evident the improvement of the scars of 66% of the participants and 92% observed an improvement after 8 weeks.

It Contains: 60ml

Bio Oil

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2020-06-15 09:24:25
Me encanta y ya se ven los resultados! Lo recomiendo muchisimo
Purchased products: Bio-Oil - Treatment for Scars Striae and Skin Stains 125ml
2020-06-13 19:27:49
Produto excelente, não o conhecia e fiquei muito satisfeita com o resultado.
Purchased products: Bio-Oil - Treatment for Scars Striae and Skin Stains 125ml