Due to the emergency situation in which Spain finds itself due to the COVID-19 and the state of alarm proclaimed by the Spanish Government on 14.3.20, Maquilleo is taking mandatory regulatory measures in the State Decree of Alarm.

We want to inform all our clients that Maquilleo takes the necessary measures to protect both our clients, workers and suppliers from COVID-19.

Our warehouse colleagues maintain the recommended safety distance between people, work with gloves and masks, constantly wash their hands and have hand sanitizers at their disposal whenever they need it.

We are in contact with our transport companies to learn first-hand about all the preventive measures against COVID-19 and the changes in the delivery protocols they are taking so that the order arrives in the best possible conditions and within the promised time.

The courier will contact you before delivering the order and they can arrange a delivery without physical contact. It is possible that the courier informs you of the pertinent measures to be able to deliver the order to you without anyone putting you at risk.

On the economic activity of the company it will continue as always and we will work as much as possible to ensure that it meets the promised delivery times. We have also implemented the necessary and pertinent measures in our offices to protect all our workers. All those who their work allows, are working from home to, in addition, also be able to facilitate family reconciliation and be able to be with children these weeks.

As all our clients know, we sell basic hygiene-related products, so we will take care and pamper all our orders these days so that they arrive in perfect condition and as soon as possible to our clients and they do not have the need to leave home. , except for other types of errands.

Regarding the preparation of orders, it is worth mentioning that we will treat with priority the orders that contain basic products and hygiene. In our social networks we will keep the same activity and we will do everything possible to liven up these times from our Facebook or Instagram account.

As many of you know, we are still a small company that needs to continue working in order to survive in the economic crisis in which we will all soon find ourselves submerged and to continue giving work to our workers and suppliers.

We want to send a strong virtual hug to all, many encouragements and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in this difficult situation.

Do not forget that you can contact us by writing to info@maquilleo.com or by calling 960627343.