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Returns and Refunds

How I can carry out a return?

If your order has arrived correctly and still want to perform a return you have 14 calendar days. The necessary condition for the return of the money, is that the product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging. If the property is not returned in its original package, it will suffer a depreciation. Maquilleo past 14 days is not required to return the item. Maquilleo manage the collection and in this case the customer will pay for the cost of return that will be 4 €.

And if factory default?

If your order has arrived wrong or see that has a manufacturing defect only you have to tell us. We will take care of collecting your product and of course we will send your corresponding product in perfect condition in a second shipment at no cost on your part.

Any questions please contact our Customer Service on 96 203 March 23 or