Naobay Baby Gift Box, Baby

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Naobay Baby Gift Box, Baby

- Protective Facial cream 50 ml.

Protective cream for the face of the baby against environmental influences such as cold, wind and pollution, forming a thin, protective layer. The extracts of calendula and chamomile organic calms the epidermis, and the set of organic oils keep the skin smooth and soft.

It can also be used in hands and exposed areas of the body because the cream is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy film on skin.

- Shampoo and shower Gel Refreshing 200ml

Gel and shampoo for bathing babies that gently cleanses the delicate skin and fine hair of our baby, protecting it from dryness. Leaves hair soft, silky and easy to comb. With extract of calendula and chamomile from organic farming to soothe the skin while the product respects the natural pH of the epidermis.

- Emulsion Body Silky 200 ml.

This emulsion moisturizes, suavizto and promotes the natural functions of the skin of the child. Thanks to its fine texture, it penetrates easily. In addition, your set of oils of organic quality, such as sweet almond oil, prevents dryness of the delicate skin of the baby. The extract of chamomile, also of organic quality, calms and soothes the skin thereby avoiding alterations caused by external agents.

- Cream Diaper and Delicate Areas 100 ml.

This cream protects the delicate skin of the diaper area. A combination of emollient and zinc oxide creates a protective barrier that protects the baby's skin from irritation caused by urine, stool, rubbing and friction that can come from the diaper, thus preventing even more pain. Marigold and the milk of tiger nuts, together with extracts of jojoba and almond oil sweet antiseptic and absorbent.

How to apply: To prevent irritation, apply a generous layer of product at each diaper change with the skin clean, healthy and dry.

Cosmetic Natural and Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the referential Ecocert.

Contains No perfumes or allergens.


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