Impress - Manicure Broadway Impress - Rock It

Manicure Broadway Impress - Rock It.

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Impress - Manicure Broadway Impress - Rock It

The perfect way to decorate your nails in just two minutes:

- Does not damage the nails.

- Easy to remove.

- No need for drying time.

- More durable and healthy for your nails than traditional polish.

- More flexible.

- Superior and long-lasting shine.

- No effects of using glue.

- No yellowish nails.

Contents: 24 nails and wipe acetone.


How to apply:

1. Choose the correct size for each nail.

2. Order nail 10 selected according to the application.

IMPRESS 3. Before applying, clean your natural nails with acetone wipe provided in the pack.

4. Remove the protective sheet.

5. Place and press each nail to ensure better adhesion.


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