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Lipstick moroccan Hare Lipstick

The lipstick moroccan magic is a lipstick very special.

Lately it is becoming fashionable the famous lipstick green, that reacts differently according to your own skin color. Of hues ranging from red to orange-pink, this lipstick is joined to the temperature and PH of your skin to display a natural color is different for every woman, ensuring a shade that is perfect for each one.

In addition, thanks to its composition of Henna and Argan Oil, it provides lasting and intense hydration. Will give you the feeling that it is a lip gloss, very moisturizing but in a matter of seconds, you'll see how it goes, varying your tone up to fit perfectly with you. Once you have absorbed you will have a lip color beautiful for a long time.

In maquilleo we are committed to quality, that is why and although there are many imitations on the market, we bring only the lipstick magical moroccan brand Hare Lipstick, the originals and the only ones who will guarantee a composition very balanced and perfect results.

And for you to choose, we bring to you also the various colors of lipstick magical. Depending on their composition, each of them is going to give you a shade more or less intense according to what you want to use. Choose your lipstick moroccan magic and enjoys seeing how it fits you perfectly and discovering its different shades.

The lipstick moroccan par excellence is the color green because it is the most known but all of them are going to give you some surprising results.
Leaves you to choose the color of your lips, with the lipstick magical moroccan he is the one who chooses it for you, and always right!

A bit of history

In the 70s in morocco is one of the first times that we can find the lipstick moroccan, which we now call magic, but there is an old acquaintance. According to tradition, in the arranged marriages or convenience, something very usual, the man gave the future bride a lipstick maqrroquí to what would look the day of the wedding. Taking into account that in this type of marriage the couple is not known, thanks to the colour of the lips of the woman you could know if it was a woman cold or more warm. We now know that this is for the PH of the skin.

“Akkar or bous” as they call this type of lip translates as something like “píntate lips and kisses” and also with a name unutterable which means “kisses without fear”, and although it may seem a name too provocative, this name has its explanation in that women moroccan greet each other with three kisses, and therefore spend a 33.3% more make-up in kisses that we the Spanish. Need a lipstick that you do not soil the makeup of the other, that is long-lasting and moisturizing.

When you use the lipstick moroccan magic we expect to see change our lip color until you find the point that just we corresponding, that personal color that makes us more unique still.

But this lipstick is not only here to give lovely colour to your lips according to your own natural pigmentation, but also to moisturize it intensively. The color of their own which gives you each one is the perfect combination with your skin tone, so it helps to highlight your features in a natural way.

And now a tip for you don't despair, don't you apply it too. Wear it with a single pass and wait to see the results of color, which come to your steady point to the 10 or 15 minutes of habértelo applied depending on the PH and body heat. So quiet, it is better that you apply it once and then if you want to raise the pitch that you give a second pass. If you spend you will be hard to return to the initial tone since they are very resistant. In the event that you pass this desmaquíllate with your usual product, and then re-apply your lipstick magic, this time, with a single pass.

Although the tone will change with each person, there is a range of color to give you an idea of how it's going to be. Anyway, not everything is white or it is black because the lipstick magical moroccan comes in nine different colours so you can combine them and choose the tone that best suits you.

You have lipstick magic moroccan color green, which is the most well known, of course, but in addition, you have red, blue, yellow, orange, purple. The tone is completely custom. So now you know that you need not spend a fortune to have a unique color on the lips.

But well, now, How can you add that unique tone to each woman? The secret is in its combination of unique ingredients-base oils, waxes and pigments, among which are various shades of yellow, some red and a blue.

So it is easy when you use the lipstick moroccan't think that there is something in lipstick's magical, because when you put it on your lips you don't notice a lot of color and after a few seconds, everything is turning into a wonderful pink color even you change your color level at the end of the day.

How is it possible?

It all depends on the PH of your lips that goes on changing according to the parameters of acidity and alkalinity, this factor also affects the external temperature and the environmental.

So basically this is the explanation that the lipstick moroccan so fashionable to be able to act in this way so wonderful on the lips of every woman. And many women prefer the magic of discover the color that will be on their lips every day lipstick always of the same color. In addition to so it is much more fun to put on makeup.

Hydrate and colour your lips with all the options of lipstick magical moroccan that you can find in maquilleo. At the best price and with the original colors.

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