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Wet n Wild Megalast

There are 16 products.

Showing 1-16 of 16 item(s)
Showing 1-16 of 16 item(s)

Labiales Megalast de Wet n Wild

It is no secret that these lipsticks are one of the best makeup products that you can find for less than 3€. They have thousands of followers and on more than one occasion (and more than two) have been considered labiales megalast de wet and wild are the “Mac clones” more reliable.

With its amazing collection of colors is one of those lines of lipsticks that fall in love instantly and have a formula rich in hydration thanks to its “micro spheres hialurónicas” to provide a grip extraordinary to your lips. In your formula also have a special polymer, with marine plants, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin A and E. it's A gift for your lips.

With a pigmentation precious last up to 4 hours and glide on easily without staining or cake.

They are closer to the matt finishes without losing a moment the feeling of hydration.

The labial Megalast Wet n Wild planted face-to-brands that cost more than ten times more. And also have some colors that are incredibly similar to those of these brands, so... what more do you want?

Here you have a summary of the colors of the collection although with these prices, better to try it all!

Pink Suga: it Is a pale color of peach and nude. If you are one of those who love the lighter shades of this lipstick from Wet and Wild is perfect for you. (It is also great for bringing dimension to a tone nude darker)

Think Pink: Is a pink clear. It is as if they have achieved the color of a mouthwatering strawberry milkshake, and it had been embodied in this lipstick from Wet and Wild.

Bare it All: it Is a color halfway between beige and nude. It is a nude super llevable and perfect to combine, for example, with the Pink Suga in the center of the lips to give dimension.

Just Peachy: This shade is a light peach, it is similar to the Think Pink but it is more peach than pink. This lipstick from Wet and Wild is perfect to wear when you're wearing a makeup strong eyes to balance out all the joint and also tone is great for day-to-day.

Rose Bud is a rose means. It is a lipstick from Wet and Wild neutral precious and also one of the best if you're looking for a sweet tone without getting to the pink.

Smokin’ Hot Pink is a hot pink. It is a magnificent burst of color. A pink lovely valid to impress anyone.

Wine Room is a neutral pink with a tendency to wine color. It is a quieter version of the Smokin’ Hot Pink, and despite being a little stronger than the neutral is perfect for the day-to-day and it is easy to become one of your favorites.

Mauve Outta Here is a pink-based blue. A color that is very unique and it is a lip unusual without ceasing to be a tone sufficiently “normal “enough to wear on a daily basis.

Sugar Plum Fairy is a pink deep plum. These tones are ideal for fall and also super wearable on a daily basis. It has a gorgeous color that tends more toward the pink and the purple to the red, which is usual. They say this lipstick from Wet and Wild which is one of the Mac clones more accomplished. This say that it is just like the Mac Rebel.

Coral-Ine is a tone coral deep. A shadow only like red orange in some shades and clearly corals in others. A pitch ideal for the summer.

Red Velvet is a red pink wonderful. It is a raspberry pink colour with a very rich that does not pass unnoticed. Ideal for both the day and night and is in the perfect location between the red and the raspberry.

Stoplight red is a red base in blue. A red super bold that immediately highlights your lips to the level of celebrity. The bloggers what equate to the very famous Ruby Woo by Mac and it called openly for his clone. If you are looking for a red seductive, this shade is perfect.

In the Flesh: This lipstick from Wet and Wild is a tone nude based pink. It is one of the favorite of the social networks and is also considered one of the Mac clones. Perfect for the day-to-day.

Sand Storm: it Is a light brown base orange. It has a warmth superb, reminiscent of a delicious milk chocolate.

Mocha-Licious is a warm medium brown. If you want to recall the tones of the’ 90s this is one of the lipsticks that you should have.

Spiked with Rum is a brown shade neutral with light pink tones. It is a beautiful color nothing seen and yet is perfect for the day-to-day. A few lipsticks may say that.

Ravin’ Raisin is a purple based medium brown tones. If you are looking for a purple hue, pure and beautiful these lipsticks deliver. You can use it during the day with the eyes in neutral tones to give a touch different (and very interesting) to your look.

Cinnamon Spice is a burgundy with brown tones. Another staple for the autumn/winter season. Very vampy and yet maintains the natural brown tones.

Cherry Bomb. The unmistakable. Sure you've heard of this lipstick Wet and Wild as one of the best Mac Clones. This tone bordeaux red is stunning on your lips. The color is just as the name, like a delicious cherry and dark it looks like the Diva from Mac.

Vamp it Up is a dark purple in tones of blue. An intense color that will not leave anyone indifferent, and yet more in fashion than ever. Perfect for the nights of the concerts or festivals groundbreaking. Other lip glosses Mac clones, in this case of the cyber.

Cherry Picking is a bright fuchsia with base bluish. This pink full of color will stand out on any skin tone and is gorgeous. If you want some lips immensely tasty and with a lot of personality, this is your lip.

Dont Blink Pink is more like a neon pink. This tone of lipstick wet and wild is the tone of the summer for excellence, and really draws attention thanks to its appearance of neon.

Dollhouse Pink is a bright pink based in blue tones. This color will not be to everyone's taste but if you're looking for a pink shocking this is perfect.

Pinkerbell is a soft pink but super eye-catching at the same time. Remember to Think Pink since it has that tone of strawberry milkshake but without as much white base which makes it even more llevable.

Carrot Gold Is a orange with a base of yellow. The orange tones, without being the taste of all they have great fans, so if you're one of them, you know.

Purty Persimmon is a red toned orange. Another of the so-called Mac clones, this time the most colorful of the Mac Lady Danger say. Because it has tones of red is not as orange, which makes it very llevable and almost to everyone's taste.