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Milani Cosmetics in Maquilleo

Milani cosmetics is a leading cosmetics multicultural, especially focused to offer the colors and textures are more colorful, and delicious in every season for all women, regardless of their skin tone. Something from Maquilleo we support very much. His revolutionary makeup collection of avant-garde is expanding each season with stunning colors and applications for inspired makeup on the runways of Milan, from the metallic sheen to the matte more sweet and subtle. Provides women from around the world everything they need to interpret both the makeup of the catwalk as to express your individuality and experiment with each of the options that offers.

We will explain to you some of the star products of this wonderful brand of makeup is super affordable with professional results that jump out at you.

Trends, metallic shiny

The collection Fierce Foil is a leader in its class, with a finish hyper metal of high contrast that creates a different appearance to any similar product you've ever tried until now. From the eyes to the nails passing through the lips. You have the entire collection.

The collection Fierce Foil of Milani cosmetics includes:

Fierce Foil eye shadow bright

These shadows have ceased to be a shadow, to be a gloss. The innovative technology in the use of highlights immediately creates a beautiful metallic finish multi-dimensional. It is available in four quartets of shadows with names of the principal cities of Italy. Milan (pinks and taupes), Rome (Lavenders and purples), Florence (copper and gold), Venice (white and ice blue cold).

Fierce Foil Eyeliner

Each liner is hand-made with a black base that allows the brightness rico sizzle through him. This wonderful versatile can be used as an eye shadow, dazzling or as eyeliner to revolutionize the classic cat's eye. Available in four tone-rich and bright as jewels.

Fierce Foil Lacquer and nail

This luxurious any nail Polish is infused with gold sparkle to bring you a brightness that comes from within. Available in ochotonos chic with the name of Italian cities with charm.

Trend in A Subtle and soft matte

The collection is Matte it has a new concept of makeup matte. Each one of the products that cover this trend as booming is perfectly creamy and great coverage. It is easy to apply, long lasting and is tested for your selfies on Instagram are of 10.

Eyes, Lips and cheeks. The collection Matte includes:

Supreme Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Inspired by Cleopatra, this versatile eyeliner precision waterproof rate remains fixed throughout the day and is self-tapering. This unique formula can be used for a lining with no defects, to the water line and to add definition to the upper eyelid or the lower. Available in one colour hyper black star.

Matte Rose Powder Blush

Beautiful to the naked eye, more beautiful still applied on the cheeks. This powder blush matte finished smooth both to define blush as a contour. What brand of application? Never, can Easy to use? Always. Available in a wide range of colors, ultra flattering.

Lipstick, moisturizing, Matte Color Statement – Adding hydration to the matte color thanks to the grape seed extract imported from Italy. This lipstick is long-lasting, lightweight and anything compromising, it is also very comfortable to use and test marks. Available in delicious shades of luxury from the pale pink to be innocent until the burning matte red.

We continue with some must more, now more focused on a day look simple and valid for all.

Prime perfection: A wonderful first in the white liquid-gel medium-weight and very moisturizing. Its formula reduces redness and the appearance of pores. It dries very fast and leaves a feeling completely free of grease that lasts all day intact.

Conceal + perfect 2-in-2 Foundation + Concealer Is a wonderful liquid base. A special applicator everything becomes much more easy and in addition does not leak. THE coverage is great and you only need to apply it on the Prime Perfection with a sponge mix. As you already have the spell-checker built-in you're going to get to cover imperfections and unify the tone of your skin easily and with great results. In addition, you don't need more products to achieve the same (or better)outcome in a lighter and more comfortable and that lasts all day perfect. Without doubt it is one of the great successes of the brand.

 Everyday Eyeshadow Collection don't be fooled by its name, this palette is not only for the plans of the day. You can create fantastic looks for night and even for special occasions. What would you expect!

The eye shadows of this wonderful brand is always going to offer a few vibrant colors full of colour and high pigmentation, and of course this palette is not an exception. In the back of this multipaleta give you some suggestions of how to use the combination of their colors, but, of course, is that you experiment with them each day to create results super custom. With three matt finish colours – milk chocolate, a brown deeper and a black – And three bright – beige, gold, pink and apricot-. Shadows bright have the mark of the house, with a few resplendent colors. Yes, here without glitter.


As you can see this wonderful brand takes the best trends from the runway straight to your bag. Matt, gloss metallic, it does not matter, Milani has what you're looking for. And already out of the walkways there are makeup everyday perfect for any time of the day. Try them all in Maquilleo!

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