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Keratin Cure

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Keratin Cure

Shampoo and post treatment Keratin Cure BTX

The shampoo and post treatment Keratin Cure BTX is specially formulated to conserve brightness, radiant, strengthen and protect your hair. All products from Keratin Cure are enriched with hydrating ingredients and ensure the best results in maintaining your Keratin treatment. Also protects color-treated hair and you can use it on a daily basis. Shampoo Keratin Cure BTX post-smoothed with a neutral PH that is compatible completely with the pH of your hair, rich with components that take care of your mane and is step 3 in the keratin treatment from this luxury brand specialises in smooth, high quality. Use this magnificent shampoo post treatment to maintain your treatment or simply if you want to enjoy a hydration extreme with a shampoo totally free of sulfates.


  • Antioxidant properties
  • Antibacterial properties that cleanse gently
  • Hydration generous
  • Protection against the aggressions of daily

Mode of use

Professional use
If you're going to apply your shampoo after the treatment of straightening of Keratin Cure, apply a small amount of product on wet hair and massage until obtaining foam. Rinse out completely. For best results use it in combination with the conditioner and the mask, Keratin Cure for a few professional results.

Use at home:
This shampoo post treatment will help to preserve the gloss, clean, deep and soft your hair and also protect it from external aggressions.
Just apply a small portion of product on the hair mojad, massage until obtaining foam and rinse. If you want some professional results at home you can use the conditioner and the mask from Keratin Cure. Hydration, softness and protection professionals in your home.

Conditioner post treatment Keratin Cure BTX

The conditioner post Keratin treatment from Keratin Cure is specially designed to conserve brightness, strengthen and protect your hair at home with daily use. This conditioner professional contains the components most beneficial to protect your hair and form a barrier on each hair to promoting health and the natural beauty of your hair. Are you going to get a hair incredibly softer, smoother and brighter while keeping the care of your hair even dyed. This conditioner Keratin Cure is enriched with vitamins and does not contain sulfates, so that ensures the ultimate in maintenance treatment of keratin, in addition to his formula is so respectful which is designed so that you can use on a daily basis.
This conditioner has a neutral PH and is fully compatible with the PH of your hair and is rich in keratin to nourish the hair in depth.


The oil extract of Argania Spinosa trees healing of Morocco helps to rejuvenate the hair dry and brittle and defend against dandruff or flaking while adding body and shine to your hair.
Extract Mel: This ingredient is a natural emollient that seals in moisture and softens hair to add flexibility total.

  • Extract of Jojoba: the oil of The seeds of Chinensis nourishes, hydrates and cares for the scalp. It is known to restore the damage in the hair.
  • Extract of olive oil: The olive oil in this case adds moisture and relieves the damaging effects of the sun's rays at the same time it helps to restore its natural balance.

Way of use

Professional Use
After applying the shampoo and post treatment Keratin Cure on wet hair and rinse, apply a small amount of conditioner post treatment Keratin Cure and leave on for 1 to 5 minutes. Rinse well and comb through as usual.

Domestic use
Use the conditioner post treatment Keratin Cure in the usual manner as other conditioner. The use is the same, the difference is in the results!

Mask, Keratin Cure BTX

It is a mask-intensive hair lotion that revitalizes your hair giving it shine, elasticity and restoring the health of the hair over-exposed s chemicals, such as coloring, permanents, and environmental agents. Rich and creamy, the mask, Keratin Cure has a formulation of luxury that has among its ingredients with shea butter that works deeply into the core of the hair, revitalizes and repairs hair tuft to tuft, protecting your hair from the UV rays, without weighing it down or engrasarlo.
The Argan oil helps to rejuvenate the hair dry and brittle and defend against dandruff or flaking while adding body to your hair. This Mask BTX and Keratin Cure restores your hair in depth leaving it shiny and with body in a matter of minutes. Enjoy a professional treatment with the fragrance more refreshing piña colada for a complete experience.


Extract of Argania: The trees healing of Morocco to bring us this fantastic ingredient that helps to rejuvenate the hair dry and brittle and to defend it against the dandruff and flaking to the time that gives you a fantastic body.

Shea butter: Works deeply into the core of the hair and reinvigorates the repair strand by strand with sun protection, without weighing down or greasing.
Hair is instantly softer, shiny and healthy.

Applied after the shampoo and/or conditioner BTX from Keratin Cure and let it act between 5 and 10 minutes. Rinse well, let dry and style as you want.