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Smoothing brush AGV

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The smoothing brush AGV already in Maquilleo

It is a law of life, those that have curly hair envy those manes incredibly smooth and the other way around. The problem with curly hairs is that it is more difficult to change your natural form and the effect does not last as long. When you've got curly hair and you want smooth, it is normal to resort to hair irons as they are able to tame the curls is intense, however, use them very often tends to be synonymous with damage in the hair. Now there is another alternative.

If you are looking for a solution to straighten your hair frequently, even daily, we have the solution. Just come to Maquilleo the smoothing brush that is revolutionizing the routine of hairstyle of women (and men) regardless of the type of hair you have.

The smoothing brush AGV uses a heat setting lower than the plates and apply a blowing action of air in a mechanical manner. In addition, it eliminates static electricity and adds shine. The brushes straighteners are a great option to smooth and shape the hair while you comb your hair, in addition, are very easy and comfortable to use.

The Perfect Liss Brush works through a technique of "texturization", in which the active ingredients act the product on the hair, promoting the straightening of the strands and leaving them naturally straight. In addition, these products also act on the keratin and protein of the hair, which protect the hair from damage and keep it shiny and healthy.

Hair care

The brush is Perfect Liss Brush is the solution safe and easy to get to put an end to the hair curly or wavy, and now have it available in Maquilleo. This brush Premium has an innovative design and with a system anti burns and allows you to alisarte the hair while you brush your hair in a very natural way. Forget about the concerns and get an experience of straightening of luxury at home. The Perfect Liss Brush heats up in just a moment (Less than a minute), so you can start to comb from the moment that you plug in, no waiting. You just have to adjust the temperature at which you want to alisarte the hair in the LED screen and begin to give shape to your hair, without loss of time. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the brush to ensure a smooth perfect and molded to your liking. Every hair is different, so the temperature settings allow you to define a lower temperature for the hair that already has a tendency to be more smooth, and reserve the higher temperatures for thicker hair and curly. Say goodbye to plates hipercalientes and risky for your hair and welcome the experience of a hair straightening of luxury.

Innovative technology scientifically proven

The Perfect Liss Brush brings together the best design with high quality materials and the security of getting results without equal, straightening your hair and ridding it of knots, safely and effectively without any risk of burns as may occur with the plates.

The innovative LCD display indicates the temperature of the brush. Soft bristles ergonomically designed to work with the natural motion you do when you brush your hair. Respect to the maximum your scalp without scratching it and without pulling the knots. The Perfect Liss Brush massage gently your scalp while separating the hair, aided by the heat it gives off. This heat is uniformly distributed results in a detangled soft hair without stretch it or pull it off. This heat is soft and homogeneous blends perfectly with the parting of the hair in the natural movement of the brushing and leave all your mane soft and tangle-free, soft, no frizz and perfectly molded as you want.

The strong and ergonomic design of the Perfect Liss Brush is built to last you a long time and comes to Maquilleo for you with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed to try it at home with peace of mind.

Ease of use for any person

This Premium design is very easy to use for anyone, regardless of age or gender. The only thing you have to do is wash the hair and dry it thoroughly. Making sure that it is free of sweat, oils, or hair products. Connects the smoothing brush AGV Perfect Liss Brush, remember not to be barefoot and stay away from sources of water.

Now, you just have to press the power button for three seconds until you see the light. Choose the right temperature for the brush to the desired temperature, with higher temperatures ara hair thick and curly, and lower for hair more fine and smooth. After one or two minutes your toothbrush Perfect Liss Brush is already ready. Brush the hair in long strokes and continuous starting almost at the scalp and brush down, being careful not to touch the scalp or skin. Brush movements until you achieve the desired shape. If you see that you want your hair to be smooth the more you have to increase a bit the temperature of the brush and repeat the process. When you have finished, leave the brush to cool before storing.

The highest standards of quality:

AGV Perfect Liss Brush is committed to the highest levels of quality. This brush gives you health and beauty, with quality, safety and ethical awareness. Since it is not tested on animals. This squeegee is made with top quality materials and come to you free of parabens or plastic harmful. Meet the highest levels of security and transparency.

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