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Starlaisa in Maquilleo

Satarlaisa has come to Maquilleo stomping and brings their best palettes of shadows and their boxes magnetic to the mix as you want.

This excellent range of shadows from highly pigmented colors and rich long lasting comes in shades individual so that you choose the ones you like. Metallic shades, bright colors or matte which will leave you without words.

Starlaisa account with a high content of mineral pigments that give your makeup a great intensity of color even without a primer for eye shadows and remain perfect for hours. Depending on how you like the finishes you can use them wet or dry for intensity sublime on your look.

Enjoy the BASIC COLLECTION of Starlaisa in Maquilleo.

A great first collection: BASIC COLLECTION

The first collection of this great brand of professional makeup at affordable prices there are 34 wonderful shadow shades divided into three different concepts: a collection of eye shadow iridescent to shine in your eyes at all times, the Fullcolor. If you are one of those that prefers the matte tones you're out of luck because Starlaisa brings you also the palette of colors of combras matte fabulous that will look natural and sophisticated at the same time and of course their wonderful eye shadow Full color, your name says it all: Full of color for you to play with the tones more daring and surprising.

With a creamy texture and soft-as-silk products Starlaisa have an excellent quality.

Cruelty Free

Another issue that is very important to us is that it is a brand that does not test on animals and is dermatologically tested to ensure that they work great on the vast majority of the skins.

The eye shadows Starlaisa come in three fantastic palettes, and also in individual format in godets of 26 millimeters, so you can combine them as you want.

With three different styles, two metallic/satin and one matte, the combinations are endless.



The Palette Gold Starlaisa consists of 12 eye shadows individual slightly creamy and touch of silk.
The shades in this palette are:

D1: White iris.

D5: Nude medium, Matte.

D2: light Grey, silver.

D7: Bronze with ctcss code orange, metallic.

D4: Salmon, clear, pink and iris.

D10: Copper iris with greenish and reddish and brown.

D3: mid Grey metallic with shades of blue.

D8: Copper medium with sub-channels to golden, iris.

D9: Salmon with light-sub-channels yellow, iris.

D11: greenish Brown with sub-channels to gold metallic.

D12: Brown metallic with sub-channels to silver.

D13: dark Grey, shiny, with greenish black and gold.



The Palette Fullcolor of Starlaisa it is composed of 12 shades of eye individual. The tones that make up this palette are:

N1: Matte White.

A1: sky Blue iris.

A2: Fuchsia Matte, with sub-channels to violets.

A4: White iris, slightly silvery.

A5: Beige champagne iris.

A6: turquoise Blue iris.

A7: deep Violet metallic, with sub-channels to pink.

A9: Grey with silver sub-channels to blue.

A10: emerald Green Mate, with pigments golden iridescent.

A11: Blue turquoise Matte.

A12: Purple iris with sub-channels to blue.

N2: Matte Black intense.



The palette of Starlaisa Matte is formed only by the eyeshadows texture is absolutely Matte.

12 shades warm nude shades and earth.

M1: Salmon clear.

M2: Brown medium brown.

M3: light Brown with ctcss code orange.

M5: medium Brown with sub-channels to grey and pink.

M6: dark Brown with sub-channels to grey.

M7: oxide Red.

M8: Brown earth.

M10: Brown earth with sub-channels to oranges.

M11: Brown dark brown with sub-channels to grey.

M12: Orange clay.

M13: dark Gray intense.

N2: charcoal Black.