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Hair bands

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Invisibobble. Call it rubber band is an understatement.

Welcome Invisibobble

Welcomes you to your new best ally to create hairstyles impossible easy, easy and also without leaving marks in your hair, no headaches.

It has it all:

Invisibobble take care of the hair, gives no headaches, prevents split ends. Find out for yourself and let yourself be seduce by the simplicity and the ease with which you get great results.


Get any look you want with the same comfort that a loose chignon. Looks simple and quick for the party nights, work days, or vacation in the beach. All-in-one and without pins, clips or other hair accessories.

Invisibobble comes in three different designs. Nano, for collected small or short hairs, the original for almost anything that you set your mind and the power, which gives you a resistance extra grip.


Invisibobble Original

The “rubber band” without marks. Invisibobble has made way in the hairstyles for girls and guys around the world for very good reasons. No point of pain, or a back that you are not able to give with a rubber band rubber, great fixation. Invisibobble is the perfect companion for any occasion.

Feel the difference

Thanks to its completely smooth surface, Invisibobble original doesn't tangle on the hair, regardless of whether the hair is wet or dry. Their material is non-absorbent, highly hygienic and hypo-allergenic so you never leave the damp hair to make the ponytail.

Always in fashion

Choose the hairstyle that more you like and believe it so quick and easy. Invisibobble allows you to create all the hairstyles that you want, to the most elaborate of hairdressers or walkways. Also forget about using any other hair accessory such as forks or clamps. Creates looks modern and stylish for any occasion!

To the wrist

Not only is it much more than a band, it has also become the bracelet of fashion. It is an accessory color that complete each of your outfits. The Original collection from Invisibobble comes in eight unique colors, and respectful with the environment.


Invisibobble nano

This small ring of hairstyle for the hair is thought to be able to set those strands rebels or shorter that are beyond the invisibobble original (which are few), or also to create hairstyles much more elaborate. By these has become an indispensable tool in the classrooms and walkways of hair from all over the world.

Static, but with style

Whether you're a beginner or a professional the hairstyles, most of braid or chignon casual, this small is to help you achieve all that you set out to do. Invisibobble nano allows you to separate smaller sections of hair to make hairstyles salon very elegant or to secure braids awesome, no any other accessories.


Forget about the tangles in your hair when you take off the rubber band, normal, invisibobble respects to fund your hair without breaking it. Regardless of whether you choose the version nano, the original or the power of this product is the answer to all of these problems that you have faced up to now, to comb.

Choose the color that you like whether you want it to pass unnoticed as if you want attention-grabbing.


Invisibobble power

The increased grip and grip.

You can not tame your mane cat? You fight with your hair to keep it in the site throughout your training? The new invisibobble power gives you an extra holding for all those times you need everything in your site. Perfect for manes bulky or an active lifestyle. For your daily life or to the gym, if you want a reinforcement of subject, this small is for you.

The way

Account with a spiral-shaped reinforced to give a boost to your hairstyle during the practice of sports without compromising the comfort of use. As a perfect companion for your training as it does not absorb sweat or liquids and is easy to remove from wet hair without snagging.

General benefits

Not only support your athletic challenges and taming your mane but also prevents the appearance of split ends, broken hair, and headaches. In addition to all of this is suitable for people with allergies. Solves all of these problems with something as simple as this.