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Showing 1 - 18 of 19 items

The creams and serum for face Kueshi are the best of this great brand that uses natural ingredients and organic and not tested on animals. One of the products most used by all women and by many men. Kueshi understood that it is not just a matter of aesthetics but of care of the skin and their moisturizers facial feature with agents that protect against the external aggressions such as cold, heat or pollution. Are ideal for much more than moisturize. In addition, she has created a fabulous line of products for the face such as creams and sérums to hydrate your skin and leave it soft, beautiful and protected in the most natural way.

Clarity cream

This innovative formulation helps to treat the spots of the skin and to unify the tone.

Vitality Skin

With properties that tone and reaffirm your skin. Get a skin elastic and firm, smooth and luminous.

Ultra Stem Cell

With stem Cells of the orange restructures the inner layer of the skin. Redensificando the dermis and providing elasticity and hydration great.

3 Way Care

With snake venom, hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10 among other super ingredients, this cream is considered to be anti-wrinkle thanks to its powerful properties, but it is much more. Hydrates, reaffirms, regenerates and blocks free radicals.

Nutrix Caviar

Thanks to the combination of its ingredients which include in addition to the caviar, olive oil, avocado or shea butter, this treatment nourishes and tones the skin in addition to moisturise it and minimize the signs of aging.


This treatment is perfect for prevernir the aging of the skin. Both the snail as the rosehip oil are perfect ingredients to slow the signs of aging and prevent wrinkles. Repairs and regenerates.

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