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Body moisturizer

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

The skin we lines, it is as our gift packaging and you have to take care of her. The moisturizing creams of Kueshi make this gesture is also a lovely time thanks to their moisturizing creams body.

All of these creams prevent drying of the skin, leaving it naturally hydrating. And as happens with the intensity care you can use it for the face and for the body, and has no parabens.

The Intensity care of Kueshi account with Aloe Vera + Jojoba Oil + Rosehip Oil + Shea Butter. A whole super natural ingredients to restore the hydration of your skin.

If what you want is to bathe your skin in the delicious scents are your thing creams Kueshi of fragrances. Cream, strawberry, banana... A soft and appetizing aroma in your skin that moisturizes perfectly in your skin, they are quickly absorbed and is spread super easy. Skin soft, smooth and deliciously scented throughout the day. Ideal.

Silk body milk with Aloe Vera + Sweet Almond Oil + Wheat Germ Oil. Nourishes and firms your skin in an intense manner of the attacks day-to-day.

Choose the one that you want, all the body creams Kueshi are fantastic and give you a velvety skin and smooth!.