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Plates Artero

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planchas artero

The Best plates Artero in Maquilleo


Go Go Night

An iron Artero wireless that you can carry wherever you want to. Compact and lightweight is ideal for carry in travel bag or even in your bag and be able to retocarte where and when you need it. Comfortable, fast, practical and allows the maximum freedom of movement. It is very exclusive and innovative of the highest quality and super practical.


• Selector temperature: 3 Temperature: 140 - 160 - 180 º C
• Size: 19 cm in length.
• Size of plate: 7 cm length
• Weight: 140 g.
• Rechargeable lithium battery inside
• Usage time: 25 minutes.
• Charging time: 2 hours.
• Includes bag with thermal trip

You can create curls, gain volume or to create hairstyles incredibly smooth. It works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and not having wires is very easy to carry and use. Thanks to its small size you can carry in your bag or in the suitcase for travel, and will occupy very little space. This plate Artero is made with ceramic plates and tourmaline of high technology that generate a stream of negative ions that smooth and eliminate frizz. Features a temperature gauge and another for the battery. Account with an auto button lock to transport with total safety. In addition to account with a design very ergonomic and soft to the touch. Includes a carry bag thermal transport gift.

Nikita xs

Artero brings you a powerful iron to the hair which is enclosed in a compact size of only 15cm. Comes in bright colors and is so small that it fits even in the handbag. Thanks to its comfortable design and functional is perhaps the most versatile of the hair irons Sneaky. Serves to curl or smooth and has a power of 20W which allows it to reach temperatures of 200grados in a few seconds. It has a system antifrizz so that your style is always smooth and without frizz. Compact, practical, powerful and priced super affordable.


• Temperature: 200 ° C.
• Total length Plate: 15 cm
• Width of plate: 15mm.
• Length of plate: 60mm.
• Material plate: Titanium.
• Automatic switch off after 60 minutes of non-use.
• Bag thermal trip to be able to save it at the time in the luggage or bag.

Zenit Titanium xs/xl

The iron Artero Zenit Titanium is expressly designed for those who want to add a touch of creativity and design, and comes in two sizes. Size xs to bring it to where you want it and the size large to get all of the results of a tool professional at home. People speak wonders of these plates for the entire internet to be an iron very reliable and very effective. The xs has a maximum temperature of 230ºC thanks to its titanium plates, super-glides in addition if you do some treatment like, for example, the brazilian straightening Kativa this iron is going to give you a few spectacular results. It seals the split ends and prevents frizz. Style, design and the approach is more revolutionary to get the hairstyle that you want the way more careful.

This line of plates Artero is one of the best in design and titanium plates smooth feature advanced technology for a professional finish. Alisa faster and offers better results at the time of slide plates. Straightens or creates waves and curls more defined and larger, more open and natural. The temperature it reaches is specially designed for the treatment of keratin.


This professional iron Artero allows you to get studs that are perfect for your hair, curls great, more volume to your hair or an incredible smoothing. All thanks to their plates coated Zirconia ceramic, tourmaline and ceramic.


• Plates of advanced zirconium coated with ceramic tourmaline to prevent static and create shine
• Ergonomic design and soft to the touch
• 210'c automatic temperature
• quick to heat and maintains a stable temperature
• automatic shut-off if idol for 60 minutes
• Cable 3 m, rotates 360'c to prevent twisting and knotting
• Travel pouch with heat resistant included


This wonderful flat iron for the hair is made expressly for those who want to do it all with elegance. This plate is designed to create the curl african or give incredible volume to the root of your hair. The special point is that it does not work like the rest of the plates glide through the hair, but it will be dabbing it to create the zigzag effect. With ceramic plates and tourmaline perfectly combine the properties of these two materials to protect your hair, create the desired effect and reduce the frizz.
Maximum temperature of 200 ° C with automatic cut-off if you leave it on for oversight. Swivel cord: 360 degrees, ergonomic design and soft to the touch.


This tenacilla and curling iron professional features plates with ceramic and tourmaline that enable you to create curls and waves long-lasting and get them easy fast at the same time protecting your hair at all times.
Glide so super soft that they have advanced technology that adds shine, softness, and prevents frizz.


• Double rotating handle for manual use.
• Diameter: 25mm.
• Adjustable temperature: from 120 ° C to 210ºC.
• Material cylinder heat: Ceramic and tourmaline.
• System easy to use: On/Off switch with indicator by LED light.
• Swivel cord 360 ° to avoid the formation of knots in it.
• Support of security in the tongs to leave on a surface when not in use.

Addiction Black

This iron to the hair Artero is designed to create all types of hair regardless of its texture or its length and allows you to create endless styles. Temperature adjustable, these advanced plaques can treat hair with more care avoiding the loss of moisture and providing a perfect finish to create waves, curls or straightening perfect.
Another of its main features is that you can use in your hair both wet as well as dry. But there is not the thing. Their plates, rocker silicone gel and carbon fiber make it slide in easily providing more shine to the hair.
This iron obtained the diploma as a product innovator in the IV Convocation of the of Innovation Hall Look Madrid 2015.


• Adjustable temperature from 150 ° to 230 ° C.
• The recommended temperatures:
• 150° C, the hair dry and brittle.
• 180° fine hair.
• 200° hair thick and resistant.
• 230C° treatments of keratin.
• Plates of silica gel and carbon fiber.
• Safety system: automatic shut Off after 60 minutes of non-use.
• Swivel cord 360° to avoid the formation of knots.


Create glamorous hairstyles with waves, wonderful smooth or impressive finishes in only 30 seconds. This iron professional system Fast&Safe is designed to give you a professional finish in your hair, and protect yourself at all times ensuring that you work comfortably and safely.


• Heating system fast and safe, which guarantees the stability and the distribution
• Plates with technology Koreana Tourmaline Ion tech.
• Temperature adjustable from 150C to 230C.
• Cool tip-protective.
• Swivel cord 360 ° C, to avoid knots in the cable.
• LED indicator for power on / off
• Safety system: automatic shut Off after 60 minutes of inactivity.
• AC 100-240V; .
• 50 / 60Hz 55-65 W.

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