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Makeup foundations

There are 101 products.

Showing 1-24 of 101 item(s)
Showing 1-24 of 101 item(s)

The foundation of makeup is the first step to success

The main product of a good makeup should be the base. This cosmetic product, first of all, must be of quality as we have in Maquilleo. With its application you will get to enhance your skin tone, expression and improve the appearance with the naked eye.

The makeup base is mainly used to hide stains, imperfections or marks that you want to hide. It is also a good ally to get perfect makeup. If you use a quality makeup base like the ones we have in Maquilleo, the final result will be as expected.

How do I choose the foundation?

The tone of your skin will be the main factor in which you will have to look at when choosing the makeup base. If you want a natural result after applying your makeup base, you need to choose a color that is neither too light nor too dark to that of your natural skin. To verify this, use some product and spread it on the neck or wrist.

Types of makeup base

Liquid makeup base : it is the most used option. It adapts to any type of skin, especially if you have oily skin.

Mousse makeup base : this type of makeup base is recommended for people with dry skin. If your skin tends to suffer from acne or imperfections, avoid this type of base.

Have you heard of the first ?

This cosmetic product will be the one that will prepare your skin so that the makeup base is coupled and adheres perfection and will soften it. You can use these types of makeup products for dry, oily and combination skin. You just have to find the right one and also consider the tone.