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The amazing lipstick from Wet n Wild in Maquilleo. Both the wonderful Megalast such as delicate Silk Finish are going to get to give an incredible touch to your look with the finish that you choose. A comfortable feeling on your lips long lasting and with a creamy texture and soft, enriched in addition, with natural ingredients that care for and beautify your lips at all times. You just have to choose if you want a matte finish or a beautiful satin. Otherwise, fall in love with all the beautiful tones you have in Maquilleo!

Labiales Megalast de Wet and Wild

The labiales Megalast de Wet and Wild she planted face-to-brands that cost more than ten times more. And also have some colors that are incredibly similar to those of these brands, so... what more do you want?

With its amazing collection of colors is one of those lines of lipsticks that fall in love instantly and have a formula rich in hydration thanks to its “micro spheres hialurónicas” to provide a grip extraordinary to your lips. In your formula also have a special polymer, with marine plants, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin A and E. it's A gift for your lips.

With a pigmentation precious last up to 4 hours and glide on easily without staining or cake.

They are closer to the matt finishes without losing a moment the feeling of hydration.

Lip Silk Finish Wet and Wild

There's nothing like a touch of color to highlight the natural beauty or a red, to give glamour to any style. The labial Wet and Wild Silk Finish are perfect for this. They are creamy and super pigmented, glide on smoothly and moisturise your lips.

These rods lipsticks contain vitamins A and E and aloe vera now also have macadamia nut oil. for more hydration, and antioxidants. They have a formula super rich and are very easy to carry, glide with ease and are very easy to carry. In addition give off no smell, thing that we appreciate. Textures super pleasant and beautiful colours. Comfortable to wear, filled with color (except the “Short Affair”, which is a little more glossy) and very beautiful.

The Silk Finish of Wet and Wild you will fill in the lip color in a single pass, but sure want to give it two, ;) they Are basically the color you see in the tube, and depending on the tone of eyeliner pencil that you choose and the natural color of the lips can vary from one to another. That is to say, what happens with any lipstick.

The lip Silk Finish Wet and Wild going to last a long time despite the fact that you think that a creamy lipstick may not last long. Yes, it is. The staying power of these lipstick is better than you'd expect.