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Line care Kativa

Do you know what they contain the products that you use for your care and hygiene journal? If the answer is no, should from now begin to look at the label of your products, and in the case of the hair products to see if they contain salt, sulfates or parabens.

The salt or sodium chloride is employed in the manufacture of shampoos only to give consistency to the product without providing any benefit to the hair, to the contrary, it causes frizz, volume and the release of chemical jobs such as colouring, straightening, perms, etc., in Addition, this type of salt removes the keratin that it is responsible to moisturize and strengthen the hair.

The sulfates have the function to create foam and remove the fat. Sulfates “encapsulate” the dirt in our hair, and then remove it in the form of foam. They are not harmful for health but yes they can cause irritation in people with sensitive scalp. These dry out the hair and remove the natural oils of the scalp; in addition, they are abrasive, negative point for those who are tinturan, because they drag the color quickly.

Parabens are preservatives, mostly derived from petroleum. Some products choose to use preservatives organic, which cause no harm to the health of our hair; others usesynthetic preservatives, that is to say, artificial, without organic origin.

Well as attention! because Kativa does not contain any of these products quimícos: free of salt, sufaltos and paraben-free. Are products that help the color and processes such as straightening or permanent to last much more; it also reduce the irritation of the scalp and allow the natural oil of the hair work better.


The Macadamia nuts contain a type of fatty acid (palmitoleic acid) that rejuvenates the hair, a property that has made use this product line.

This range moisturizing is the essential to get a hair stronger and full of shine. Stubborn hair, dehydrated and dried...here's your medicine for look magazine! Macadamia nut, moisturizes hair, stimulating and energizing the scalp, giving softness and elasticity that you need.

The goal of this line of products is to achieve a deep hydration and long-lasting, disciplining the hair and while reducing the porosity.

Its composition is rich in acids oleic, linoleic, Vitamin E, and sterols, which confer to the products of this line soothing properties and soothing


If you are looking for that your hair shine like the rays of the sun, this is your line of care. Protects and cares your hair thanks to its formula of argan oil eco-certified and natural assets that provide protection, nutrition and natural shine to the hair.

This range of products is specially designed paracabellos dry, opaque, which provides soothing agents to overcome the dryness of hair fibers and thereby encouraging the hair to recover all of its brilliance.

In addition to all the products of this line have a high content of carótenos, vitamin E and Omega 3 and 9 necessary to give the hair strength, nutrition, hydration and natural shine.


As is well known, and known by the world of cosmetics and beauty, keratin is a protein and main component of hair is with a multitude of beneficial properties.

This range leverages the best of keratin to treat hair abused, without brightness or vitality and fragile, because of the use of accessories that are used continuously can be very harmful to the health of our hair, as the hair dryer, the iron, or curling.

Also the daily exposure to the sun and various aggressions of thermal, chemical and mechanical decrease the level of keratin in the hair, damaging the fiber, losing strength and vitality.

With the keratin, the hair gets a good dose of health to strengthen its structure from the root to the tips. Repairs hair and prevents its loss, thanks to its formula based on keratin and ceramides that reconstitutes the fibers from the interior to the damaged surface, making hair more healthy and with more brightness.


The brand has also thought in the hairs treated with dyes so it has developed this range of products to maintain strength and aid in the retention of the color of your hair.

You already have the hair tinted or wicks, Quinoa gives your hair strength, nutrition you need, and is respectful with the color of your hair, in order for this to be fixed by more time.

For its development, has used the properties concentrated Quinoa hydrolyzed with natural agents, to act by sealing the cuticle and forming a protective layer on the hair.

In addition is a line of hair care has a new technology called COLOR SEAL, designed precisely to ensure a greater retention of color and form a protective film on the hair fiber, avoiding the loss of color, protecting up to 32% more than the others.

All of these lines of care and more you can find them in Maquilleo, your shop for makeup online cheap.


If you have a WEAKENED hair, and ASSAULTED by the passage of time. This is your best option. With the range of Collagen revitalizes and restructures the fiber of your hair.

The products of this line are equipped with proteins and natural assets, strengthen, revitalise and restructure the hair by recovering protein and lipid lost, restoring elasticity, brightness and youth.

Like the skin, the hair in its natural cycle of growth loses elasticity, volume, youth and brightness.

Collagen and their proteins act in the root of the hair, revitalizing and restructuring the hair aging, helping your own natural growth of new hair.

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